Petr Pelzmann

Petr Pelzmann (*1988) is an autodidact who did not complete his studies at the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art in Plzeň but followed his own path. In his paintings, he dismantles the figure using his unique painterly style and explores how authors of new figuration can capture the fundamental essence of the subject. In his work, the author struggles between control and intuition, balancing on the edge of insight and darkness of madness.

The main focal point of Pelzmann's work is the human figure, whether in striking paintings reminiscent of the contemporary "teatro mundi," drawing on traditions of artists like Goya and Bacon, or in psychological portraits that also reference the traditions of artists such as van Gogh, Lucian Freud, or Matisse. His approach, however, is not merely postmodern quotation; instead, it lies in the synthesis of various influences, which he employs in seeking his personal path within rich painting traditions. His expressive handwriting and colors reflect both a professional and emotional connection with these inspirations that guide him.

His models are mostly friends and acquaintances, but he also observes random people on the streets. His paintings are created either through live painting or from memory, whether they are portraits or compositions with figures. He often incorporates period attributes into his works and always strives to tap into the deeply personal state of the subjects he depicts. Pelzmann's artistic expression touches upon the essence of human experience and reflects the complexities and emotional dimensions of existence in the contemporary world. Each brushstroke and choice of color carries a deeper understanding of the subjects of his works, creating a powerful and provocative expression about the current human condition.



Painter, HYB4 Gallery, Prague (CZ)


Social Grooming, Karpuchina Gallery, Prague (CZ)


Sekera chodí pešo, Galerie Dolmen, Prague (CZ)


Blaka Blaka, Galerie Sčigol, Prague, (CZ)


  • Il bagno Santo, White Pearl Gallery, Prague, (CZ)
  • Black Romantic, Vrtbovské zahrady, Prague, (CZ)


Modrý oči, růžový píči, gallery Vestředu, Pilsen, (CZ)



Z Ulice, group exhibition with Julie Stavianis Špačková, M6, Prague (CZ)


Even Jesus Stumbled, group exhibition with Ester Parasková, Karpuchina Gallery, Prague, (CZ)


  • Retina: The Possibilities of Painting (1989-2019), 8smička – art zone, Humpolec, (CZ)
  • Bacon, group exhibition with Tomáš Jetela, Gallery 90°, Černošice, (CZ)
  • DARK Matter Does Not MATTER, White Pearl Gallery, Prague, (CZ)


Bad Holiday, group exhibition with Lenka Tyrpeklová, gallery Vestředu, Pilsen, (CZ)


Ve svitu Luny, group exhibition with Lenka Tyrpeklová, Pilsen, (CZ)