Petr Pelzmann

Social Grooming

Oct 20, 2023 — Nov 26, 2023
Opening Thursday 19. October 2023 18:00

Dušan Brozman

"Peter Pelzmann's primary focus is on the human being, whether depicted in large-scale group representations reminiscent of the contemporary teatro mundi tradition inspired by artists like Goya and Bacon, or in psychological portraits paying homage to figures such as van Gogh, Lucian Freud, and Matisse, among others. Rather than being a mere postmodern citation, Pelzmann's work represents a synthesis of various influences, seeking a contemporary and individual path within the rich traditions of painting and its expressive use of color and form. This synthesis reflects both a professional commitment and an emotional connection to these artistic models, offering him a unique lens not only for interpreting the world of painting but also for understanding contemporary humanity. Pelzmann primarily finds his subjects among acquaintances and from observations on the street. He paints them with vivid realism or from memory, creating both portraits and figurative compositions, often incorporating elements from specific time periods, always revealing a profound insight into the personal experiences of his subjects. In the context of today's digital imagery and artificial intelligence, Pelzmann's work gives rise to symbolic paintings that reflect the modern individual's existence."

Petr Pelzmann (*1988) is an autodidact who didn't complete his studies at the Faculty of Design and Art of Ladislav Sutnar in Pilsen but chose to follow his own path. In his paintings, he deconstructs the human figure using a distinct and expressive artistic style. His work revolves around exploring how artists in the new figuration movement can capture the essence of their subjects in their most elemental form. Pelzmann's artistic process is marked by a unique struggle between control and intuition, often hovering on the precipice between profound insight and the brink of madness. Notably, his latest works also incorporate the use of textiles.