Julius Reichel, Namor Ynrobyv, Daniel Bek, Šimon Chlouba, Samuel Stano, Lukáš Šmejkal


Apr 20, 2019 — Apr 20, 2019
Opening Saturday 20. April 2019 19:00

Alexandra Karpuchina

White Saturday. They were confronted with hard reality. They were full of insecurity and surely despair, because they had a severe disillusionment and did not know what to do. How to Exit the infinite Information stream? “Indulge yourself to the pop culture of nineties and HTML5. Get rid of the complexity, embarrassment and sadness. Find your place between light nihilism and techno-optimism. Do allusions to critical theories, but don’t follow them. Do not politically engage. Focus on post-anything. ”1.

  1. https://vimeo.com/32839686