Karpuchina Gallery
Rybná 22
Praha 1, 110 00

Tuesday – Sunday 1 PM – 6 PM or by appointment



Alexandra Karpuchina
+420 720 500 522

  • Eneja Urnaut
  • eneja@karpuchina.gallery
  • +420 774 048 040


The story


The project “experimental commercial gallery”, White Pearl Gallery (*2016), began by bringing together a young collective of artists and friends under the leadership of Alexandra Karpuchina, a graduate of Intermedia Art at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. The gallery has reopened in 2020 under a new name and at a new, lucrative address, Rybná 22 in Prague 1.

The Karpuchina Gallery is divided into four art spaces: the Lower Exhibition Hall, for long-scale exhibitions, *the Ground Floor, “the shopping window” gallery which aims to present young authors’ alternative projects, the Night Space – a night “showcase” gallery focusing exclusively on video art and external rhizome galleries, and the Aquarium Showroom, in the Ema Espresso bar.

KG is focused on presenting contemporary art trends with emphasis on media with dominant visual language (painting, object, installation). The gallery’s wider scope of curation ranges from internal and philosophical themes of exhibitions to political and social commentaries, and is interconnected by current scenographical approaches, the themes’ topicality and appeals to aesthetics of installation art.


The gallery team’s open approach aims to create a platform for creating bold, progressive exhibition projects and a space where visitors will want to find their own interpretation of the artworks.

Another important goal is to work continually with the potential of young authors and subsequently present their works both at home and abroad, using innovative language and in new, contemporary contexts.