Bianka Chladek

Coeur Dunk

Jan 9, 2021 — Feb 20, 2021
Opening Saturday 9. January 2021 0:00

Mariana Pecháčková

The starting point of Bianka Chladek's work can be considered the branch of advertising, as being the author's previous studies before the Painting Studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Elements of the consumer world appear critically in her artistic work in the form of an artificially created scene in which there is room for free writing poems and objects desperately searching for their meaning. The author's installations usually form an organic cluster of small decorative objects that explore the possibilities of dealing with existential issues in response to the contemporary world and respond to relativity or an Internet phenomenon such as "vibe check".

vibe check = a spontaneous and usually random time where someone checks your vibe, definition by Urban Dictionary

Aquarium is the exhibition rhizome of Karpuchina Gallery, which is with its layout ideal for presentation of one work or mono-installation. Observing the art work though the glass evokes an impression of an aquarium living its own life. The location works with a random passer-by and it transforms him into an exhibition spectator within the public space.

Address: EMA espresso bar, Na Florenci 1420/3, 110 00, Prague