Philipp Kolychev

Crunch Club

Nov 4, 2021 — Dec 1, 2021
Opening Wednesday 3. November 2021 18:00

Mariana Pecháčková

  • Degradation of human cognitive abilities. Wireless microwaves.
  • Automated data overproduction. Rising temperature. Oil-fired digital infrastructure.
  • Fry. Fry. Degrade. Fry.
  • CRUNCHY. Fast food allows you not to waste time and focus on portfolio diversification. Spiral,
  • network, chain. FAST/ER! Visual representation of data. Visual representation of the world.
  • Quick offer. Fast consumption. Fast transaction.
  • Smartwatch pushing on a carpal tunnel. Fear of missing out. Hand reaching for an energy drink and an
  • fried-baked apple pie. MMM, CRUNCHY§! §§