Otto Placht

Fábrica en absoluto de sueños salvajes y la curación speritarian

Feb 18, 2021 — Mar 31, 2021
Opening Thursday 18. February 2021 12:00


༒༒༒ Wilderness has that currently so-much-needed energy; however, the worshipers of the prophet from the dessert, messengers of prosperity and mercy, 'were not able to tame it so they could do nothing else but to burn the rainforest. The time of human naturalness in limitation has come measured by the number of rules of citizenship, nation, and cultures, which is the beginning of a deadly disease of civilization. The era of artificial intelligence exists in different latitudes than the plan intelligence. That which does not have sufficient information about the rainforest anymore. It is sad, without demons, without miracles.
Art, from the rainforest perspective, is only an intellectual experience encased in a modern western world, a 'spare time,' which we learned to live through more like a separated reality without the absolute as the principle of existence. A healing ritual seems to be the opposite. The feeling goes through the physical body to its origin in nature and spirit, to the art of interpretation and improvisation, to creative power, to a human and their natural restoration. – Otto Placht

Otto Placht from forest vision through former factory waste to new pollution and sun protection in Adler am See - it was formed. And so do generations of long-term vacationers like me. Placht described us as people who are tired of the cynicism and uncertainty of their present. Some like me are happy and carefree because their children do not cause any unrest in their lives. Some others come here to escape the wild cultural life in big cities and find an atmosphere that is friendlier and more relaxed, out of concern. -Al