Eva Maceková

Garden of Uroboros: Organic Bodies

Jun 22, 2023 — Aug 13, 2023
Opening Wednesday 21. June 2023 18:00

Dominika Bernatková

  • Walk together through the enigmatic paradise of a mythical garden, where the human body dances in an organic connection with nature and loses itself in contemplation, intertwining with the existence of mythical beings. Eva Maceková's exhibition serves as a reminder that we are part of a greater whole, our bodies existing in a shared, infinite symbiosis with the world around us. It explores the relationship between humanity, nature, and death enables us to experience an endless loop without end. This looping concept finds expression in the myths and legends of various cultures, often symbolized by the serpent known as Uroboros.

  • Eva Maceková employs experimental techniques and materials, resulting in paintings with a rich, textured surface and vibrant colors that gradually fade into twilight, enveloping the viewer in a captivating atmosphere, primarily enhanced by the interplay of light. The journey toward light becomes a natural voyage for both our bodies and souls, a quest for illumination, purpose, truth, and fulfillment within an eternal and repetitive rhythm.

  • The rhythm of this garden paradise is further complemented by a sound installation crafted by music producer Oliver Torr, specially prepared for the exhibition 'Garden of Uroboros: Organic Bodies.' Eva Maceková's garden invites visitors to engage all their senses and gradually discover its most secretive corners.

  • Life and death, light and darkness, beginnings and endings.

Eva Maceková, born in 1984 in Martin, Slovakia, is a graduate of the Illustration and Graphic Design Studio at UMPRUM in Prague. Her artistic practice encompasses a variety of techniques, including painting, illustration, printmaking, and handmade textiles. Her distinctive style is characterized by powerful draughtsmanship and vibrant use of color. She has exhibited her works at DOX, City Surfer Office, Ville Pellé, Etc. gallery, Trafo Gallery, and Halle Saint Pierre in Paris. In 2018, she was nominated for the Czech Grand Design Awards in the Illustrator of the Year category, and in 2022, she achieved 3rd place in the same category.