Lukáš Šmejkal

𝗫 𝟳𝟱𝟭.𝟯

Dec 16, 2021 — Feb 13, 2022
Opening Thursday 16. December 2021 16:00

Mariana Pecháčková

GB Instructions for use X 751.3

1. Safety instructions

  • Make sure you have enough space around you to access X 751.3
  • When examining X 751.3, avoid bad weather conditions, especially if there is a risk of a thunderstorm.
  • Always maintain a stable posture and balance.
  • Avoid body contact with X 751.3 parts such as canvas, metal construction and protective glass.

2. Familiarize yourself with X 751.3 before use

751.3 is a high-quality aluminum tube, which guarantees the overall perfect technical condition of the product X 751.3. X is a painting made with acrylic and oil paints. The user is allowed to read it as a format, barrier, figure or symbol. X 751.3 is a hollow suit. For optimal results, we recommend observing X 751.3 from different angles. Product X 751.3 was manufactured in accordance with applicable safety measures. Always keep the operating instructions handy while observing X 751.3!

  • The technical version of the product X 751.3 is subject to change without notice.