Matyáš Maláč, Samuel Stano, Petr Pelzmann, Vladimír Skrepl, Jan Vytiska, Josef Bolf, Black Hole Generation, Jakub Hošek, Jakub Janovský, Tomáš Jetela, Stanko Sequens, Jan Slanina, Sofie Švejdová

DARK Matter does not MATTER_ Black Friday _ Worm up #1

Jun 19, 2019 — Jul 19, 2019
Opening Wednesday 19. June 2019 18:00

Alexandra Karpuchina

The impact of dark matter has been detected even in the cash-flow quadrant. The system appears to be freed from customs, planning, a market, and mixing. However, a strong theory of emergence assumes that at least some of its phenomena remain entity-like by themselves. Due to its more than 90% physical absence, its origin and understanding are elusive to the ordinary mind. A division of 16 authors does not need to be launched to space to gain financial literacy. To bring light into the darkness they have to undergo a Black Friday test, meaning: they will move from the red to (gross) – (net) – self-holding

The international black festival, which beginning dates back to the fall of the material superpower, accompanied by a global trip, established with the support of the Rockefeller Fund, usually escalates on the Cyber Monday. However, this artistic humor aims at different speculation. All-space installation #1 will transform the gallery into a wormhole for implicit costs, i.e. (opportunity costs). The result of the transformation may cause the audience to be transported to the dimension of the Golden Sacks, Inc. a better self-discovery in the process of creation of masses and the truth about the spatial activity of the society in our reality.

You see, the dark matter appears not to be in the air, but from the air, and only by its acceptance we can all participate in deforming it.