Petr Pelzmann

Il Bagno Santo ?

Jun 27, 2018 — Jul 11, 2018
Opening Wednesday 27. June 2018 18:00

Dušan Brozman

Petr Pelzmann is a typical example of a self-growing artist. Attending the painting studio at Ladislav Sutnar’s Faculty of Design and Arts in Pilsen, meant for him a definitive confirmation of an offensive approach to the rules perception. Thus, self-study became an inevitable path that brought to his creation clear signals of free thinking without academic regulations and interventions.

His work, of course, transforms over the years, as well as himself as an author. Still, he remains faithful to several themes, combining them in a kind of nonsense formula. He treats each of his paintings as a new narrative of diversified paths. A certain degree of affection is approaching without a censorship directly to a viewer, where, discussed topics can be closed up within each of us even concluding peacefully with a happy ending. The way Peter is painting is often a huge fight without certain outcome. Fragile process, a duel between control and intuition. It’s about balancing on the dangerous edge between epiphany and madness.

The exhibition in the White Pearl Gallery conceives a series of works devoted to the Renaissance, its canon, grouping paintings and donors, whose stories originates beside the Holy Bath.