Andrea Pekárková

Re:Creation / Virtual Wellness

Jun 4, 2018 — Jun 10, 2018
Opening Monday 4. June 2018 18:00

Karel Havlíček

biospiritualantropology #medicalart #bioart #healing #ownecosystem #holistic #ecoart #environmentalethics #staycounscious #behealthy

The core medium of the project is digital painting, the main theme is to be a biospiritual anthropology. The creative interpretation of principles of alternative medicine varies on the borderline between alternative treatment and diversified artistic action. The scale escalates from local genesis to a dialogue within the global digital community. The resulting virtual space inside the image is always healing and in balance between the spiritual- biotic, corporate and artistic nature.

RE: Creation/ Virtual Wellness is a visual project by artist Andrey Pekárková alias AKA47. The series of autonomous digital collages, are using enhanced aesthetic experience, to elevate the therapeutic harmony of visual perception.

An active approach to the self-believe healing is currently a deficit of Western society. Partly due to specific, unattractive aesthetics associated with alternative medicine, partly due to orthodox corporate medicine dominance, producing only passive patients and chronic pharmaceutics users.

The author works with the contemporary visual language, based on the principles of common mass advertising, bringing attractive dynamics to the subtle theme. In other words, before the spectators realize it, their subconscious already absorbs some of the, usually avoided esoteric themes. Among other things, they are enriched with information leading to interest in self-care practices, the benefits of which are geo- stability and financial availability. The user extends his / her autonomy and becomes immune to manipulation by external influences.

The aim of the project is not only its artistic realization, but, above all, the expansion of awareness of a wide range of possibilities that each individual can adjust to his / her own existence. Harmonized individual means less negativity and more thoughtfulness in the collective space. In a wider perspective, this method can stimulate far-reaching changes in society, with an all- plane impact.